Man bashes neighbour to death in a love dispute


A 21-YEAR-OLD Mvurwi man was arrested last week and is currently assisting police with investigations after allegedly assaulting his neighbour to death in a love dispute.

David Mwanza of Disi farm flew in rage after he was accused by the now deceased Taurai Madzomba (31) of having an in illicit affair with his mother Mavis Dzomba (51).

Acting Mashonaland Central spokesperson Tonny Nyandoro confirmed the case, saying investigations are underway.

“I can confirm a murder case in Mvurwi over a love dispute and investigations are currently aware, ”Nyandoro said.

Allegations are that on August 11 Madzomba confronted Mwanza over the alleged love affair with his mother that did not auger well with Mwanza who picked a log and severely assaulted the now deceased Madzomba all over the body.

Madzomba was left writhing in pain after sustaining chest pains and broken ribs before being assisted by Samuel Bande (28) who took him to his homestead where he retired to bed.

After two weeks Madzomba visited Mvurwi hospital due to severe pain, upon arriving at the hospital Madzomba lied that he had fallen from a tree and was treated and discharged.
His health deteriorated after another two weeks and he went back to hospital where he was admitted for two weeks more.

On September 28 he got worse and filed a police report on the alleged assault at Mvurwi police station before he was transferred to Bindura hospital for further treatment.

The deceased’s heath continued to deteriorate and   on 3 October he was referred to Parirenyatwa group of hospital for scan upon being returned to Bindura hospital  the following day he died on his way to the hospital.

Mwanza who was at large was finally arrested last week in Mvurwi.

The police implored people to solve their problems amicably and shun violence in their communities.

“We are urging people to desist from violence and rather solve their problems amicably, whenever they have disputes they should seek the third part and get counselling that will save lives,” Nyandoro said.

Tendai Guvamombe