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Mangoma scolds Zanu PF for claiming anti-Mugabe victory

By Leopold Munhende

COALITION of Democrats (CODE) presidential election candidate, Elton Mangoma has maintained that it was the people of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Defence Forces who removed former president Robert Mugabe not Zanu PF.

His statements were in response to recently appointed minister of finance, Patrick Chinamasa who was quoted saying that all that happened was a Zanu PF matter which they managed to deal with on their own.

“The army and the people removed Mugabe.

“We were extremely tired of Robert Mugabe and people were happy that Mugabe has gone,” said Mangoma in an interview with the Zimbabwe Star.

Chinamasa was quoted saying that the political upheavals which were witnessed before and after the fall of Mugabe were a Zanu PF issue which had been resolved by the revolutionary party despite the call by war veterans and various other organisations to march in solidarity to end Mugabe’s 37 year reign.

Mangoma said that CODE respects the constitution which gives Zanu PF the right to name Mugabe’s replacement but that should not be interpreted as a sign of weakness or an endorsement of Mnangagwa.

“Our celebrations and actions from last week must not in any way be interpreted as an endorsement of Mnangagwa’s ascendency, he is cut from the same cloth as Mugabe, a true disciple,” said Mangoma.

The former energy minister however called for the army to go back into their barracks and avoid meddling in politics as had been illustrated by president Mnangagwa’s recent cabinet announcements which named Major General Sibusiso Moyo as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Air Marshall Perrance Shiri as Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement.

“The army should go back into the barracks, the police must do their work as mandated to them. Zimbabweans showed that they were extremely peaceful, they were millions in the streets and no window was broken,” he added.

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