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Mangudya suspends four RBZ bosses after Lumumba exposés

By Staff Reporter

RESERVE Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor John Mangudya has indefinitely suspended four top employees of the apex bank who were on Sunday accused of involvement in corruption by newly appointed chairman of the Ministry of Finance communications taskforce Acie Lumumba.

In a Facebook Live video Sunday evening, Lumumba named RBZ Director Bank Supervision Norman Mataruka, Director Financial Markets Azvinandaa Saburi, Director Financial Intelligence Mirirai Chiremba and Head of Security Gresham Muradzikwa, accusing them of crimes ranging from off-the-books bond notes to corrupt allocation of foreign currency.

“Muradzikwa has more money in his bank account than all his bosses … I do not believe Mangudya is involved,” Lumumba said.

“Five RBZ directors have made Mthuli’s life impossible. I will not allow that. This country is being run by a cartel and Minister Ncube is going to break that cartel … This cartel is being run by Queen B … I used to go to Kasukuwere’s house and Queen B was always there … Queen B gave us the money for the Amai Mugabe rallies.”

In a statement on Monday, Mangudya said “the bank has found it necessary for the sake of transparency and good corporate governance, that the allegations be followed through and investigated in line with the bank’s employment Code of Conduct”.

“Consequently, on 22 October 2018, the bank suspended the quartet from employment for an indefinite period to pave way for the investigations.

“Once the investigations have been concluded, the public shall be advised of the outcome and the appropriate corrective action to be taken as dictated by the outcome of the investigations,” Mangudya said.

The central bank is under fire for allegedly offloading loads of crispy local bank notes to illegal foreign currency dealers to buy forex on government’s behalf.

Mangudya has denied the claims in previous interviews with the media.

Gary Murambiwa
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