Markham attacks July Moyo for granting criminal immunity to Ken Sharpe


By Loice Takarindwa (Court Reporter)

Allan Norman Markham launched a direct attack on the Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing, July Moyo for what he termed “granting criminal immunity and criminal absolution against Augur Investment OU,” a company which belongs to Kenneth Raydon Sharpe.

Markham made the remarks amid the deepening saga on the illegal transfer of state land in Harare worth millions of dollars to Kenneth Raydon Sharpe who is currently based in Ukraine.

According to legal documents (High Court Case. HC425/2021) seen by this publication, Markham argues that the Minister failed to explain the circumstances in which the Ministry and City of Harare withdrew court charges faced by Sharpe’s Augur Investments OU for failing to construction the Robert Mugabe International Airport.

“Where for instance in the world, does he have powers of granting criminal immunity and criminal absolution against Augur Investment OU. What did Augur Investment OU give to him for him to make decisions that are clearly an abuse of his office?”

Makharm further argued that Minister Moyo dismally failed to uphold the supreme laws of the land by failing to fully as he labels him to be an embarrassment to the President.

“It is my respectful contention that Minister July Moyo has failed Zimbabwe. He has failed to uphold the Constitution of Zimbabwe. He has failed to be transparent. He has failed to persuade this court that his actions are not motivated by anything other than corruption. He is an embarrassment to the county and to President.”

“A Cabinet Minister is a deployee of the President . He is fulfilling the functions of the President as delegated to him.”

“The duties of a President are set out in Section 90 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe. They include the obligation to uphold, defend, obey and respect the constitution as a supreme law of the nation. This Constitution is against corruption. This constitution is for good governance.”

He further added that Minister Moyo Perjured himself on the court case as State Land is administered by the President.

“The Minister perjures himself. State Land is not administered by the Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing.”

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