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Married teacher cheats with farm worker


A married Guruve teacher at Kondo high school was recently devorced by her husband after she allegedly cheated on him with his colleague at Chikonyora farm Guruve.

Emmiliah Chimbwanda(42)Gunyungo’s marriage of 16 years ended soon after her husband Llyod Gunyungo the farm manager at Chikonyora reportedly discovered his wife’s infidelity case with Pio Murambiwa the Transport manager of the same farm.

Gunyungo confirmed the case saying he is pained by his ex-wife’s actions and has since divorced her.

“I discovered that my wife was cheating on me with our Transport manager who is just a no body so l could not take such a painful experience hence l divorced her, “Gunyungo said.

The estranged wife did not entertain the media .

“Who are you and what do you want,”she said soon after hearing the introduction of this reporter before switching off her phone.

Murambiwa refuted the claims saying he is not privy to the case and only know the couple as they live on the same farm.

“I do not know this case , l only know the couple as people whom l live with on the same farm,” he said.

It is further alleged that Emmiliah and Murambiwa started dating in December and would go to Mazowe hotel and a lodge in Glendale to make love.

According to chats seen by this reporter Gunyungo discovered the case after seeing another phone used by his ex-wife in communicating with her lover.

Tendai Guvamombe