MCAZ castigates use of Veterinary Ivemectin for COVID-19 Prevention

In a statement, Medicines Control Authority (MCAZ), Acting Director General Mr Richard Rukwata  the association is dismissing use of Veterinary Ivemectin for COVID-19 Prevention as purported in some sections of the society.

“In view of the growing number of inquiries and reports received concerning use of Veterinary Ivemectin injection for the prevention of treatment of COVID-19, the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) is strongly advising members of the public, veterinary medicines general dealers and healthcare practitioners against the use of Veterinary formulations of Ivemectin injections in humans for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19, or any other health conditions.”

According to MCAZ the Veterinary Ivemectin is not approved by the association for use in humans.

Apart from this Section 88 of the Medicines and Allied Substances Control (General) Regulations 1991, SI 150 of 1991 prohibits the use of any veterinary medicine for the control of humans.


Tendai Guvamombe