MCs urged to support gvt initiatives


By correspondent

Professionals responsible for  Directing Ceremonies are instrumental in supporting government policies and other initiatives to spearhead progress in national development –  Isaac Chamangira.

This came to light during  Directors of Ceremonies Association (ZIDOCA) Launch last Saturday in the Capital where Bhello City Foods General Manager Isaac Chamangira was guest of honor.

In a statement  Chamangira,  reiterated that ZIDOCA should embrace patriotism by furthering government developmental agendas such as the National Clean-up Campaign launched by President Mnangagwa last year.

“You may not be political but I urge you to be patriotic, you belong to Zimbabwe. Your voices will help to build Zimbabwe thus I hope you will support government’s initiative such as the monthly held clean up campaigns. Let’s promote cleanliness. Everyone loves a clean Zimbabwe,” he said.

Chamangira also urged the MCs mother body  to uphold professionalism in  their conduct of  work  without showing elements of  segregation and favoritism to the events they facilitate.

“It’s my desire to see ZIDOCA growing to be a strong organization representing MCs across the nation.    I also urge you to be humble. If given the opportunity to lead at a ceremony be humble and never compare events.”

Speaking at the same occasion National Arts Council of Zimbabwe Provincial (Harare) Manager William Ndinde pledged  to extend a hand of support  to  ZIDOCA.

“looking at  the  associations registered this year, this is the only one that has launched itself. We are so happy, NACZ is ready to support you,” he said.

ZIDOCA President Energy Chinake told Spotlight Online News  that besides uniting to overcome difficult moments the association is determined to open doors for opportunities especially to emerging MCs and he revealed plans to start grooming learners in education institutions.

“The vision to form this association came in October 2018 at Mega 2 in Hatfield after  realizing that it is necessary for us as MCs  we sing from the same hymn in the same manner like musicians who rally behind each other during times of need.”

“We want to aim to take  international recognition and its high time MCs works be regarded as a profession
“Although we formed the association not precisely in honour of Manyika, we appreciate that he was a great MC.”

Other ZIDOCA executive members are the vice president Walter Muparadzi, Luckmore Magaya (secretary general), Esther Chimhova (deputy SG) and the treasurer general Martha Munhenga.

Tendai Guvamombe