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MDC-T not panicking over ED: Mwonzora

By Nkosana Dlamini

MDC-T secretary general Douglas Mwonzora (pictured) says his party will not lose sleep over stiffer competition posed by the emergence of new found hero of Zimbabwean politics, President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The newly inaugurated Zimbabwean leader has moved to introduce austerity into an economy battered by decades of mismanagement by his predecessor, Robert Mugabe.

These include plans to whittle down a bloated cabinet over 70 ministers and a three-month ultimatum issued on those who externalised foreign currency to return the loot on a no questions asked basis or face prosecution.

Mnangagwa has also earned some admirers in his government’s decision to go after ex-finance minister Ignatius Chombo, the once untouchable so-called poster boy of corruption in Mugabe’s now defunct administration.

Chombo faces counts of corruption dating back to his tenure as Local Government Minister.

The reform minded leader has also turned heads abroad with promises to create jobs and mend the country’s sour relations with Zimbabwe’s economic benefactors in Europe.

Amidst the developments, MDC-T has been advised to brace for tougher competition under Mnangagwa, with signs the new Zanu PF leader may attempt to open up the electoral playing field but outshine opponents through a glut of impressive economic policies.

But Mwonzora told the Zimbabwe Star the main opposition will not panic yet over Mnangagwa’s exciting statements of intent.

“When President Mnangagwa starts arresting corrupt Lacoste people, then we know he is serious; when he starts really creating the jobs as opposed to talking, then we will take him seriously.

“As things stand, no job has been created. The current arrests simply look like settling of old scores within Zanu PF. It does not therefore worry us.”

Mwonzora said Mnangagwa has not displayed any keenness to dump Mugabe’s “evil systems”.

“With three days in office, it’s too early to say President Mnangagwa has done anything.

“While President Mnangagwa has somehow parroted our message he has not acted,” he said.

Mwonzora said the opposition will not alter its course but shall remain rigid in its demands for total economic prosperity in the country.

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