Ministry of Sport checks on former legends

Today the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation payed a visit to Charles Mungoshi’s widow and former football legend George Shaya to check on their welfare during COVID-19 period.

Hon Paul Mavhima as Sports Acting Minister together with Deputy Minister Tino Machakaire led the expedition to Chitungwiza at the place of Madam J Mungoshi( Wife to the late author Charles Mungushi). Later went to George Shaya’s home in Glenora.

Ranson Madzamba Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Spokesperson in a statement confirmed to Spotlight Online News Africa.

“Acting Minister of Youth,Sport,Arts and Recreation Hon Paul Mavima and Deputy Minister of Youth Sport,Arts and Recreation Hon Tino Machakaire today visited Madam J Mungoshi wife of the late great author Charles Mungoshi in Chitungwiza. They also visited George Shaya Zimbabwe’s former Sports legend at his house in Glenora.”

The visit comes at a time when players in Arts Industry are perceived to be also facing challenges at the back of an outrageous pandemic, Covid-19.

“Their visit is mainly to see how they are copying during COVID-19 era and having thier views on how the arts sector can be capacitated and for the good of their wellbeing and that of the country at large.”

The Ministry went with food stuffs and groceries to the visited families as a way to cushion them out of COVID-19 hustles.

Tendai Guvamombe