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Mixed reactions engulf New Year’s Celebrations

Zimbabweans have expressed mixed reactions the new year as they went about in awe at different places celebrating the inception of 2020.

The events which transpired during the late hours of New Year’s Eve indicate that people have welcomed 2020 as they are now anticipating new change in various aspects of their social lives.

This is despite the current socio- economic conditions affecting various sectors impeding progressions during the preceding years.

A survey conducted by SpotLight Online News Africa indicate that people has remained optimistic and are hoping to fulfill their fortunes which they dismally failed during 2020.

Probably the National Vision to project 2030 as the year of a full scale economic recovery could have directly or indirectly influenced people’s perceptions about 2030.

In an interview with one local citizen during early hours of 2020 said that was delighted to enter the new year as which they regard at their church as a “Year of Bumper Harvest.”

“I am really excited to celebrate the coming of 2020 and at our church we have a theme which regards 2020 as the ‘Year of Bumper Harvest’ and to me its my year of success,” she said.

Another citizen said a lot happened in during the previous year and 2020 is the year of church.

“Both good and bad things happened in 2019 but we should be seeing better things to come in 2020 and personally I want to see positive things happening to myself.”

Despite the New Year’s celebrations engulfing many people some expressed disgruntlement over the dry spell which is likely to persist well into 2020.

“How can we celebrate the New Year when we see hunger and starvation coming our way? At least New Year should be accompanied by good rains.”

As the economic hardships are still crippling it is most likely that in the aftermath of the New Year’s celebrations people are going to pick it from where they left in 2019

Tendai Guvamombe