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Mixed-reactions on Chiwenga’s appointment as Health Minister

By Staff Reporter

On Tuesday the Vice President Constantino Chiwenga was appointed as Zimbabwe ‘s new Health Minister, a move that caught many people by surprise.

According to the Government Statement the appointment of VP Chiwenga is in line with Section 99 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe amendment number 20 of Act 2013.

Following the appointment Spotlight Online News Africa spoke to ordinary citizens in the streets and gathered different views. Most interviewees withheld their names for anonymous reasons.

A Highfield man said Chiwenga’s appointment is a positive move and will make use of his current relations with China to lure medical equipments to the health sector.

“General Chiwenga is in good box with the Chineese. This shall help us gettinng more equipemnts in fighting the covid pandemic. Our health sector is fragile and our government has no capacity to procure the much needed equipments to deal with COVID-19 pandemic,” he said.

An employee with Ministry of Health said the post needed someone like Chiwenga with a strong and fame character to decisively deal with country’s health crisis.

“Chiwenga will stabilize the situation at the Ministry of Health because of his fame and strong character as a soilder. Probably things will start to take shape at the health sector,” she said.

However some people have criticized the move on the pretext that Chiwenga is unfit and lacks health fundermentals to run the affairs of the Health Ministry.

“The situation is going to be the worst as you know Chiwenga’s health is already compromised. Apart from this he has no clue on issues that pertains to health and medical issues,” a social commentator says on a Facebook post.

Tendai Guvamombe