Mixed reactions on Mazarura’s track ‘Ano-kulula’

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The jiti track titled ‘Perekedza Anokuda’ carries sentiments ‘Kulula’ a word that is often interpreted differently in the modern world.

Mazarura released the 12 track album in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, ‘Pamsoroi’.

A fan who developed interest as the track was being played on a local station said the song is among his favorites but will not be sure of ‘Kulula’ lyrics.

“The song is amazing and worth entertaining. The term ‘Kulula’ is a foreign word that is interpreted into wrong use by the locals.”

During a radio interview another fan said ‘Kulula’ could be a foreign word that is now abused in the local language.

‘The Jiti song is among my favorite tracks done by Mazarura, but am not sure of the meaning of sentiments such as ‘Kulula.”

Speaking to Spotlight Online News Africa, Mazarura said the track has sparked interest to his fans and cleared the air on the controversial lyrics featured in the song.

” Its a just our traditional jiti song. The one who indeed love you.kulula is a slang word that is good as saying kuda.When growing up, we used to say, ndokulula kumusikana meaning ndinokuda.”

“So the person who takes care of you, is the person that loves you, ndiyeka anokulula.”

Link to the track on Youtube

Tendai Guvamombe