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Mliswa, G40 members under fire over leaked audio

By Loice Takarindwa

Zimbabwe Citizens Forum Coordinator, Taurai Kandishaya has attacked Norton Legislator Temba and G40 Kingpins for creating false impression through the leaked audio that Zanu-PF will struggle to survive without their input.

This follows a leaked audio of a conversation between Mliswa and Kudakwashe Tagwirei. The discussed high-level political issues of ZANU PF, Government and alleged return of self imposed exihiled G-40 Kingpins.

Speaking to this News Crew Kandishaya responded to some of the incepts contained in the audio.

According to Kandishaya both Tempa Mliswa and G-40 cabals are predetermined failures who lost gripp to the revolutionary party and are still seeking relevance to regain momentum.

“Having that audio, the likes of Mliswa and G-40 Members who are Patrick Zhuwao, Jonathan Moyo and Seviour Kasukuwere came to ZANU Pf expecting to be the face of the revolutionary party but failed to do so. This was after authors and custodians of the revolution successfully defended the actual legacy in 2017.”

Kandishaya attacked Mliswa for creating a false impression of being a unfyer for his active participation in both Zanu PF and MDC Congresses. Also claiming to be Mr Mnangagwa’s advisor at the expense of the party.

“Temba warbles without a substantive position, him and G-40 members want to make people belive that Zanu-pf will not survive outside their presence. He want to send a message that he is a unifyer simply because he has attended both Zanu-pf and MDC Congresses. Now he want to act as if he is a good advisor to the President yet blaming his ministers and others in the Party.”

Kandishaya believes that Mliswa cannot be part of the current ZANU-PF due to the existence of strong policy broad framework installed by its custodians.

“Mliswa will find it difficulty to penetrate back to the party in the same way G-40 members want to foster back. War liberaters who are the custodians of the ideologies of the revolution will not entertain any of the so called young-Turks movement.”

Tendai Guvamombe