Mnangagwa chides Chamisa over ZEC, ballot design

By Staff Reporter

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa Friday chided his main challenger in the July 30 presidential election, Nelson Chamisa of MDC Alliance over the latter’s repeated complaints the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) was biased towards Zanu PF.

Addressing thousands of Zanu PF followers at a party rally in Mutare, Mnangagwa also said he was not going to be diverted by Chamisa’s complaints the incumbent was favoured with a much more prominent position among candidate images appearing on the presidential ballot paper.

Chamisa, who poses the biggest threat to Mnangagwa’s rule, has heightened his demands for ZEC to play an impartial role in the country’s crucial elections.

He has been leading massive street marches to deliver petitions to ZEC, whose chair Priscilla Chigumba he has described as “arrogant”.

This is after the High Court judge has repeatedly refused to give in to a number MDC Alliance demands which she said were not provided for by the country’s electoral laws.

The MDC Alliance wants greater transparency in the printing and storage of the ballot paper, among its most prominent demands.

Chamisa and his alliance have also been irked by what they find to be a deliberate attempt to give Mnangagwa an unfair advantage through his picture which is top of the second column on the ballot paper.

But Mnangagwa, who does not often peak about his opponents’ shortcomings during his rallies, denied ZEC was any biased and that he was favoured in the printing of the ballot paper.

“ZEC is a creation of the constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe,” Mnangagwa said, adding, “ZEC was not formed by Zanu PF.

“ZEC was constituted by parliament…and Chamisa was the co-chairperson of the parliamentary committee that constituted ZEC which he now scolds.

“There is no law that says there must be a party that gives instructions to ZEC. Never, never!”

Mnangagwa also dismissed complaints about the ballot paper design.

“Another issue that he (Chamisa) is on about. Of the 23 candidates, ZEC decided to list them through the alphabetical order. We all got out surnames from our fathers.

“I am Mnangagwa, so my name should be down, down. He is Chamisa and his name is above mine. I have never been bothered by that his name is above, but he is the one who is annoyed by that my name is number 15. So, his troubles about the position of names is his problem.”

The Zanu PF presidential candidate said his party will not stop conducting rallies to explain its policies to potential voters while his opponents were busy holding demonstrations for poll reforms and against ZEC.

Gary Murambiwa
the authorGary Murambiwa