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Mnangagwa freed MDC politician Yvonne Musarurwa says has not forgiven President

By Staff Reporter

MDC-T politician Yvonne Musarurwa, jailed 2016 and later pardoned by President Emmerson Mnangagwa for allegedly killing a Harare police Inspector five years before, says she has not forgiven the President for presiding over a system that wrongly convicted her.

Musarurwa was tried and jailed for 20 years together with two others for an offence which the opposition activists still claim they never committed.

Co-accused Last Maengahama and Tungamirai Madzokere are still in prison.

Six months since her surprise parole by President Mnangagwa, the firebrand opposition politician still finds all the wrongs about a leader who gave her freedom.

“I haven’t forgiven Zanu PF for taking me to prison for no apparent reason,” said the ardent Zanu PF critic in an exclusive interview with the Zimbabwe Star.

“I’m still hurt because there are two innocent people who are still in and suffering for nothing.

“I have no liking in the current President. It was my right to be freed because I committed no crime.

“Zanu PF is Zanu PF to me. When I was sentenced to 20 years, ED was the VP and Minister of Justice.”

Musarurwa is grateful to her MDC colleagues who have accepted her in their ranks and have not tried to stigmatise her for allegedly spilling human blood.

She says they understood she was wrongly accused and convicted.

The MDC politician further says she has not encountered any challenges dealing with institutions that place sanctions on people with previous convictions.

“I haven’t met any challenges yet even when applying for a visa or anything yet. Maybe it’s because the world knows well that I and my co-accused did not commit any crime.

“It was only the work of a regime. We are innocent and there was miscarriage of justice.

“And it is my humble prayer for Zimbabwe to realise true justice.

“I appeal to the current President. If he is true to his word that we are in a new dispensation, he has to release my co-accused last Maengahama and Tungamirai Madzokere.”

Musarurwa says she was in the process of writing a book which highlight the tough day-to-day experiences she and fellow inmates went through within prison walls.

She declines to divulge more on the book saying it has “sensitive” contents which may jeopardise any hopes of seeing her co-accused walk out of prison the same way she did.

“It will only be ready when my co-accused are out,” she said of the envisaged English book.

“I still have faith in God that they will not serve the whole 20 years.

“There is God, who is faithful and he will release them.”

Since coming out of prison, Musarurwa has travelled to Buhera to see the grave of former MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai who died February and was buried when she was still in prison.

She says she has not attempted to visit the family of the late Inspector Petros Mutedza to commiserate and plead her innocence outside the court processes.

“I didn’t go since his (Mutedza) father came to court and told everyone that we didn’t kill his son.

“The other reason for me not going to see them was that I saw it fit to wait for my co-accused and visit them together.

“It is necessary for us to visit them as a group.”

Gary Murambiwa
the authorGary Murambiwa