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Mom collapses, dies on seeing son’s coffin

GWERU – Tragedy struck a Gweru family last week when Siboniso Moyo (pictured), wife to Baptist Church Apostle Patrick Moyo collapsed and died on seeing her son’s coffin that was arriving home from the parlour in preparation for burial.

Moyo’s son-in-law, Pastor Phanuel Banda confirmed the tragedy and said his father-in-law lost his son Calvin (47) and wife Siboniso within two days of each other.

Banda narrated the events leading to the tragedies and said Calvin who was due for an operation for prostate cancer in January next year was helping his father fix a car that was parked at home on Monday last week. He walked away from the car and collapsed in full view of his mother.

He was taken to Gweru General Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

On Tuesday evening, Calvin’s body was brought home in readiness for burial the next day.

His mother collapsed while seated as the coffin that carried Calvin’s body was being brought into the house. She was taken to Claybank Private Hospital where she was also pronounced dead on arrival.

“The tragedy has shattered the family and more so because Calvin and his mother were very close. Calvin stayed with his parents. I think my mother-in-law could not take it that she had not only lost a son but a close friend indeed,” said Banda.

He said that his mother-in-law’s condition could have been aggravated by the fact that she suffered from high blood pressure.

The two were buried side by side at Mutasa Cemetery in Gweru on Friday.

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