Moza police launch manhunt for group which beheaded 10 villagers

POLICE in Mozambique say they have launched a manhunt in pursuit of an armed group that massacred 10 people in a village attack in northern Mozambique.

The attack in Monjane, a village not far from Palma, a small town gearing up to be the country’s new natural gas hub, is said to have been carried out by a suspected islamist group calling itself Ansar al-Sunna.

Inacio Dina, spokesperson of the Mozambique National Police said: “When the police and other forces were made aware of the attack, they as expected deployed teams in the area and started their pursuit for the criminals. We will find these people and jail them, just like we have done before.”

Two children and four women were among those beheaded in the attack.

The province of Cabo Delgado, has large oil and gas reserves as well as the world’s biggest ruby and pink sapphire deposits, but it is among Mozambique’s poorest provinces.

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Gary Murambiwa
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