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MPs harangue minister over continued bank queues

By Staff Reporter

JUSTICE Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi has denied opposition claims that President Emmerson Mnangagwa ever made any promises to end banking queues within his first 100 days as the country’s new leader.

Ziyambi was on Wednesday taken to task by MPs from the opposition who demanded answers during parliament’s question time why the current government has failed to find a lasting solution to the cash crisis.

Glen View North MP Fani Munengami asked the Zanu PF minister why the President has failed to follow up on his promises to also join the cash queues outside one of the banking halls.

“People are still sleeping in the banks but the 100 day period has actually gone.

“We are more than 100 days; we are now 300 days beyond and you are still promising. You are still saying things which are actually not even helping the nation. Where is the promise which the President promised us on the 100 day period?” asked the MDC-T legislator.

Binga North MP, Prince Dubeko Sibanda also demanded answers from the Minister why the country was still experiencing banking queues.

Independent Norton legislator Temba Mliswa asked what government had in store for tobacco farmers who would soon start demanding foreign currency for their produce.

He challenged his former Zanu PF colleagues to admit failure and surrender the running of government to a new party.

Mutare Central MP Innocent Gonese demanded “concrete policy measures” to end the cash crisis and the time the nation can expect to see change.

“If they are clueless, they must tell us so that they have no answer to the crisis,” Gonese said.

In his response, Ziyambi denied the new administration ever promised to end cash shortages during its first 100 days.

“Government never promised that the cash shortage will end overnight,” he said.

“It is a programme to ensure that the economy is turned around and it is not something that you expect someone to get in and overnight things change.

“It is work in progress and within our 100 day plan, I do not remember anywhere where it is written that the cash shortages are going to be turned within the 100 days and no queues will be there.”

When he became President November last year, Mnangagwa pledged to restore economic prosperity but he remains hard done by a liquidity crisis.


Gary Murambiwa
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