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Mufundisi Mapete expresses worry over future of local film industry

Mufundisi Mapete Local Comedian

By Entertainment Reporter

Mufundisi Mapete, real name Mansen Chivoko a local comedian artist has expressed worry over lack of meaningful investments in the local film industry saying the predicament is killing future talents.

According to Mapete, artists are now resorting to the use of social media platforms such as You Tube, Tick Tock and Facebook in a bid to survive in the game.
However, the social media are now prone to abuse as a lot of productions are seen to jeopardize moral values through vulgar and hate speaches.

Passion Java, Mai TT and Tatelicious are some of the local comedians and socialites who rose to fame through senic productions hyped with anti-social traits and controversies.

“As a local comedian I would like to express my worry at the way our film industry is dying largely because of lack of adequate investments. We are now seeing people opting to utelize social media platforms to advance thier carriers. If we look at Mai TT, Passion Java and Tatelicious are some of the local comedians who chose to gain fame through Facebook, YouTube and Tik Tok.

However, this is not sustaining our industry because they are using hate speech , vulgar language and controversies to earn popularity.”

“At the end of the day our film industry continues to die at the expense of these flyby nights comedians. Our culture and morale values continues to die.”

Mapete calls upon the Government and other players in the private sector to find ways of coming up with sustainable investments to make the entertainment survive the pressure of lacking out.

“I would like to call for an urgent attention from our government, particularly the responsible ministry to consider prioritizing the local film industry. I think its high time the film industry should be recognized as a stand alone profession.”

Some countries continue to enjoy thier film industry due to the level of investments dedicated in the sector.

Mapete sees Zimbabwe’s film industry having adequate human capital which then lacks resources to establish in the manner of Nigeria’s Nollyhood, Zee World in India among others.

Mapete’s known productions include “Vavakidzani”, “ZvavaMufundisi Mapete”, “Vanhu Vanhasi”, “Tsamba”and “Vanhu Vanhasi” among others.

His productions were filmed by the likes of Slimmaz Entertainment, Jet Cast, Anointed Communications, Makumbe Productions and Maselu.

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