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Mugabe dares courts, seeks Mutsvangwa ouster

By Staff Reporter

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe and his party could soon find themselves in contempt of court as they seek to depose the elected Chris Mutsvangwa led war veterans executive to replace it with a more docile leadership.

The intended move shall also see war veterans drafted into Zanu PF to join other appendage party organs such as the women and youth leagues.

This was revealed by permanent secretary in the war veterans ministry, Retired Brigadier General Asher Walter Tapfumaneyi on Monday.

A fresh elective war veterans congress was being planned for December this year and shall play forerunner to the party’s potentially explosive elective one same month.

“We want to cascade the structure of the war veterans from the politburo where we are present right now, all the way down to the cell so that the war veterans are just like the women and the youth in the party,” he told state media.

The new war veterans association, Tapfumaneyi said, shall now include Mujibhas, Chimbwidos, ex-detainees and other groups that have drawn their identities from their past association with the country’s liberation war.

Currently, war veterans are a private affiliate group to Zanu PF.

If Zanu PF proceeds with plans to reconstitute the war veterans association, it may find itself in conflict with the country’s courts of law which have barred any attempts to interfere with the running of the organisation.

This follows a court challenge successfully filed before by the Mutsvangwa led group which sought to bar anyone from executing any duties on behalf of the one-time fanatical Zanu PF support base.

But Zanu PF continues to defy the order and has allowed the interim national executive headed by Patrick Nyaruwata to run the affairs of war veterans.

The planned association is also expected to play a major role towards campaigning for President Mugabe and his party’s re-election for the 2018 elections.

Following their bitter fall-out over how to handle Zanu PF’s divisive succession question, the vocal Mutsvangwa led group has vowed to throw spanners into President Mugabe’s re-election bid.

Gary Murambiwa
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