Mugabe roasts gullible Mnangagwa, Mohadi

By Staff Reporter

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has fired potshots at Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and State Security Minister Kembo Mohadi (pictured) for being among overambitious locals who throng miracle churches seeking quick riches and bigger posts.

He was addressing mourners during Wednesday’s burial of late nationalist and publicist Don Muvuti at the national shrine.

In his address, President Mugabe chided fortune seeking but gullible locals he said blindly parted with their hard-earned savings at the slightest promise of overnight riches.

He lamented the disappearance of what he said were genuine men of God who preached the gospel without any attempts to deceive desperate congregants.

“Not those who use Christianity as a gateway to riches; to lure people. We hear in some churches, drums fill up (with cash) and I often wonder how this can be when people continue claiming they have no money.

“But if a pastor emerges and tells them they will all be rich, they believe him,” President Mugabe said in a Shona address.

“You are being lied to,” he thundered to loud applause from a predominantly Zanu PF crowd.

“Start by enriching yourselves (pastors) first, not to bring a bucket to be filled up (by others).”

President Mugabe said Zimbabweans were learned enough to read the bible on their own but missed it when they were confronted by miracle preachers.

“Intellectuals still fill up the same buckets,” Mugabe said.

In comments apparently directed at VP Mnangagwa and Minister Mohadi, President Mugabe said with the onset of the election campaign season, some among his aides were also consulting the same prophets and being promised positions of being Presidents and VPs.

He was apparently referring to Mohadi who was once captured on video while consulting popular Malawian prophet Shepherd Bushiri who told the Beitbridge lawmaker he was seeing a “crown” on his head.

Mohadi is linked to VP Mnangagwa’s faction within Zanu PF and was once thought to be gunning for VP in an envisaged Mnangagwa government.

Gary Murambiwa
the authorGary Murambiwa