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Mugabe squirming over his humiliation

By Staff Reporter

EXILED former Labour and Social Welfare Minister Patrick Zhuwao has hinted at President Robert Mugabe’s discomforts over continued humiliation he has suffered under the new Emmerson Mnangagwa dispensation.

Mugabe was November last year placed under house arrest by the military which pressured him to surrender his job of 37 years citing crimes of both commission and omission.

For the first time since independence, hundreds of thousands locals were allowed freedom to pour onto the streets to finally let out their long suppressed frustrations over his controversial rule.

During November demonstrations beamed to the entire world, ecstatic citizens were seen burning the veteran politician’s images while artists have also found freedom to mock the once feared former leader.

Musicians who have found freedom to chant in celebration over Mugabe’s fall include Zimdancehall star Killer T and Sniper Storm while Jah Prayzah’s Kutonga Kwaro hit has also been played widely to exalt Mnangagwa.

Stand up comedians have, likewise, joined in the fun to joke about the former State leader and his wife Grace, freedoms that were elusive when Mugabe was still in power.

But in the biggest hint Mugabe could be squirming over his humiliation, his nephew Zhuwao wrote in a weekend article that the new Mnangagwa government was humiliating his uncle.

“There is massive disgruntlement by members of Zanu PF to the manner in which President Robert Gabriel Mugabe continues to be humiliated and ill-treated by the coup conspirators and terrorist junta,” Zhuwao said without providing detail.

“The coup conspirators and terrorist junta does not have the support of most of the ZANU PF members and the generality of the Zimbabwean population.”

During his interface rallies he held months before his dramatic ouster, Mugabe often complained about insults directed at him and his wife by Zanu PF rivals and their supporters.

But since the time he was allowed to make his last address to the nation in what was widely thought to be his resignation announcement, Mugabe and his wife have not made any public comments about anything but could very well be confiding in his close allies about his frustrations.

Zhuwao, as the most politically prominent and close relative to Mugabe, is widely believed to be one of the disgraced ex-leader’s confidantes.

Gary Murambiwa
the authorGary Murambiwa