Mugabe threatens to fire Mnangagwa

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has threatened to sack Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa after his wife Grace was booed while addressing the Zimbabwean leader youth interface rally at White City Stadium.

The Zimbabwean leader said he was annoyed by the VP and his allies who have relentlessly insulted him and his wife, especially those in Mnangagwa’s home provinces of Midlands and Masvingo.

President Mugabe said he was taken by surprise when part of the crowd that thronged his White City rally defiantly booed his wife.

During her address Grace picked up from where she had left during past rallies to tell the embattled VP he was merely serving at her husband’s pleasure.

Grace hinted at Mnangagwa’s replacement in place of a female VP during the much anticipated Zanu PF extra-ordinary congress in December.

She also took time to remind Mnangagwa President Mugabe was the only centre of power within Zanu PF, further calling for the VP to face disciplinary action.

But her comments were met with boos from a defiant crowd that was evidently sympathetic to Mnangagwa.

An angry President Mugabe said he was not going to take the humiliation, daring his under fire deputy to form his own breakaway party if he so wished.

“If he (Mnangagwa) wants to form his party with those who support him, he must go ahead. We can’t have a party where we insult one another. I don’t like that!”

The Zimbabwean leader thundered to cheers from his followers, “Those who do not want, let them go! Let them go!”

VP Mnangagwa is being accused of putting up an elaborate plot to seize control of State institutions key to his planned takeover and also forming parallel Zanu PF structures.

President Mugabe hinted at plans to remove VP Mnangagwa from his position during the party’s elective December congress.

“We are going to congress and that is where we are going to decide a lot. But I felt I should say it here because I am annoyed,” he said.

President Mugabe said hostilities that marred his Bulawayo rally were an unwelcome stain to his nine youth interface rallies so far.

He is set to hold 10, ending with Harare.

“On a day we were telling ourselves we are now concluding our interface (rallies) then we hear all this nonsense,” he said.

Gary Murambiwa
the authorGary Murambiwa