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Mukupe roasts ‘struggling’ Musakwa over $9 million loot

By Brian Maphosa

FINANCE and Economic Development deputy Minister Terrence Mukupe has railed against gospel musician Elias Musakwa (pictured) who was last month fingered as having externalised $9 million by President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government.

Musakwa, who once worked under then Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono, was among a list of over 1,800 individuals and firms accused of spiriting away nearly $1,2 billion through externalisation.

In his case, Musakwa was said to have stashed the money in Portuguese banks. No other detail has since been put to the public domain as to how he amassed the fortune and how he shipped the loot out of the country.

Mukupe said while addressing Senators during the question and answer session in the upper house on Thursday that it was a mystery how a “struggling” gospel musician could have laid hands on the amount.

He had been asked what government was doing with plans to repatriate the said $1,2 billion that government said was externalised by locals.

Mukupe said some of the funds had already been used to purchase immovable properties adding that the culprits had asked for time to liquidate them so as to repatriate the funds.

He added: “The third one is what is called illicit financial flows where you take money from Zimbabwe and it finds its way outside the borders of Zimbabwe.

“For example, where you have a struggling musician like Musakwa and I doubt if there is anyone who has ever bought his CD here, ends up depositing $9 million in Portugal and there is not even a single paper to show why he deposited that money outside in Portugal, and where did he get that money from.”

Musakwa has kept his silence over his loot.

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