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Mushroom farmer laments deepening Climate effects in Zimbabwe

Climate Change Reporter

Anesu Truzumbah, a local mushroom grower has expressed worry over the stunning effects of climate change in the production of horticulture crops.

This comes comes at a time when most farmers in the country are also grappling the effects of climate change in crop production.

In an interview with Spotlight Online News Africa this week, Truzumbah said low rains experienced early this year coupled with high temperatures and unfavorable humidity characteristics negatively affected the growth of mashroom in the country.

“As mashroom growers we noted that rain there was a shift in rain season this year and this affected our production in mushroom. We are used to have good rains during the month of January but the low rains experienced ignited high temperatures and unfavorable humidity characteristics.”

Sue’s Fresh Farm and Mazoe based farmer added that mushroom grows well under low temperature conditions backed with adequate rainfall.

“People used to say mushroom doesn’t require more rains but in actual fact mushroom in Zimbabwe requires good rains. Usually the torrential rains we used to have during January kept temperatures at around 20 degrees Celsius. The same goes for humidity which should be at around 80 to 90 percent.”

Most farmers have since adopted climate smart agriculture concept in the wake of Climate atrocities that have rocked the sector in the past decade.

Tendai Guvamombe