‘Music Industry is my game’, Mazarura


By Entertainment Reporter

The global trend of music industry is now demanding uniqueness, composure and a taste with difference. Zimbabwe’s own Madzamba, an afro-fusion chanter is proving to be the next generation to dominate the entertainment circles.

Despite many artistes crying fowl amid COVID-19 setbacks, Mazarura has been able to add value to his fame.

Tracks like ‘Medarirei’, ‘Hanya nani’, ‘Wakandikoshera’ among others were all released during the COVID-19 era, at a time when the entire globe was hauled to a stand still.

‘Mwanasikana Munhuwo’ found airplay in the local airwaves.

The lyrical composure and traditional rhythm sound could be the secret behind Mazarura’s music popularity during lockdown series.

“Music Industry is for us. Whether lockdown or no lockdown music remains a top priority to many people,” the youthful Mazarura said.

Mazarura rose to fame in a live performance before scores of revellers in an Asian Country where he went for a presentation on his PhD studies

Tendai Guvamombe
the authorTendai Guvamombe