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Mutare student teacher, schoolgirl’s sex tape goes viral

A PRIVATE college in Mutare has been rocked by a disturbing sex scandal that was recently laid bare following the leakage of a sex tap laden with wicked clips showing a pupil and a student teacher getting dirty.

The video has since gone viral and the Alpha Institute’s administration is now implementing fire fighting methods to contain the situation and protect the integrity of the institution.

The sex tape is shocking and despicable.

An investigation soon after the sex tape went viral revealed that the pupil at the private college was getting naughty.

In the video, the student teacher — Frank Nyambonga — from Mutare Teachers’ College filmed himself and Mazvita Dube having sexual intercourse.

The love birds filmed themselves having unprotected sex reportedly at the student teacher’s rented accommodation at Chitakatira Growth Point. Dube — who is doing Form 4 — said she was now 18 years old and had the right to have sex.

Said Dube: “My boyfriend Nyambonga filmed the video and sent the sex tape to a rival suitor out of jealous.”

She said she was not ashamed to be on the video, insisting that she was in love with Nyambonga and was now married to him.

Nyambonga then forwarded it to a rival suitor who was also proposing love to Dube. This was as a measure meant to stop him from chasing after his girl.

However, the unnamed rival suitor could not stomach what was showing before his eyes, seeing his potential girlfriend having unprotected sex with someone else.

He thus shared the sex tape with the whole world.

Alpha Institute principal director Nangisai Marange and the headmaster Ngundu confirmed the sex tape.

They said they have since began investigations.

Said Marange: “We are investigating this case and so far we have interviewed the girl who interestingly is asserting that she is now married to this student teacher. But we still have many unanswered questions and we have decided to summon the girl’s parents for a meeting.”

Efforts to get a comment from Nyambonga were fruitless after he failed to show up despite promising to do so.

Dube’s mother, who declined to be named, said that she would rather have her daughter married to Nyambonga because no man would ever love her because of the sex tape.

Apart from the Dube sex tape, the school authorities revealed that they were also handling another sex scandal involving one Kevin Katsande and several other girls at the school. Kevin is Willard Katsande’s young brother.

Willard Katsande arrived at the school when The Weekender was conducting interviews over the issue.

He was quickly approached to comment on the case involving his brother.
“I have come to talk to the school authorities about my young brother’s case. The rape allegations that are being laid against him are fake. The aspect of consensual sex cannot be ruled out.”

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