Mvurwi: Trio jailed for robbery


THREE Mvurwi robbers who robbed a drinking mate after offering him a plate of sadza were jailed yesterday by Guruve resident magistrate Shingirai Mutiro.

The trio Gilbert Kahari , Chamunorwa Kamukoyani and Memory Kembo were sentenced to 48 months in jail by Mutiro and an additional one year was conditionally suspended.

Prosecutor Carson Kundiona told the court that on September 20 the trio were drinking beer at a local club in Mvurwi when they met the complainant in the same club and started drinking together.
The trio observed that the complainant had money in his pocket and invited him for sadza at Kamukoyani’s place of resident and he complied.
Upon arrival sadza was dished before Kamukoyani and Kahari hatched a plan to go out leaving the complainant and Kembo who is wife to Kamukoyani together.
Kamukoyani and Kahari took a few minutes outside and stormed the room accusing the complainant of having an adulterous affair with Kembo.
They started assaulting him with open hands and forcibly took his ZWL$450 and US$5 which Kembo took and hid it in her underwear.
The complaint tried to wrestle and get his money back but he was over powered and chased away from the scene where they shared the loot.
He filed a police report leading to the trio’s arrest and in mitigation Kembo wept uncontrollably before being whisked away by a giant prison officer.

Tendai Guvamombe