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Ncube rubbishes Zanu PF sanctions claim

By Leopold Munhende

ZANU PF claims opponents within MDC Alliance begged the US government to maintain its economic sanctions on the Harare administration are blatant lies and mere propaganda meant to soil the main opposition coalition’s image ahead of next year’s harmonised elections.

This was said by Welshman Ncube (pictured), leader of alliance partner, MDC, at a Wednesday press briefing on the opposition merger’s recent US visit ostensibly to engage congress, businesses and civic leaders on the situation back home.

“We have always been invited to such diplomatic meetings even during the inclusive government.

“That we had gone there to pressure the US to maintain economic sanctions is mere Zanu PF propaganda and blatant lies which are meant to negatively portray us as we prepare for next year’s elections,” said Ncube.

The former industry minister in the GNU said their common rival was already looking for convenient excuses to provide should it fail to fix the economy as promised.

“Zanu PF is panicking; infact if you listened to (Tendai, PDP leader) Biti’s presentation, he was actually calling for re-engagement between the US and Zimbabwe,” added Ncube.

Speaking at the same event, MDC-T vice president Nelson Chamisa, who formed the travelling party, added that the US Senate actually felt there was a lot of rhetoric about change with no action hence its hesitation to engage the Zimbabwean government.

“We actually tried to push for engagement between our government and the US but they shot us down, arguing that there was no evidence to support our claim that we were now in a better space,” said Chamisa.

The MDC Alliance US excursion attracted massive negative reception on social media after news that they were calling for the extension of sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Outspoken special advisor to the president, Christopher Mutsvangwa called the opposition politicians cowards.

“They should have first engaged the leader in the new dispensation rather than run to the US as if the US Senate can determine government policy in Zimbabwe,” Mutsvangwa earlier.


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