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NEAT for the restoration of Natural Environment

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National Awareness Environment Trust(NEAT), a local non governmental organization is determined to spearhead environmental awareness anchoring on various sectors.

The main goal is aimed at making citizens to realize thier role in the protection of natural environment from degradation.

Mining, farming, communities and transport among others were identified as the major attributes of environmental degradation.

“Our role is role is to bring awareness on Environmental Degradation and the extension of its impacts in out Motherland hence the need to come abroad through the means of awareness as an intervention.”

“The awareness phases targets various stakeholders whom we may classify as individuals, communities, companies and government among other relevant sections of the society,” says NEAT Executive Director and Founder Timothy Chizuzu.

On the record, Zimbabwe has been losing more than hundred hectares of land attributed to human activities and interference.

The predicament calls for a clever use of land to pave way for a sustainable future.

Plea to conserve natural environment is also enshrined in the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).

Sustainable greening of the environment has been the strength pillar of NEAT’s awareness interventions.

“Our crucial area of interest anchors on sustainable development and greening our environment. We can achieve this by engaging Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA) practioners through training and offering educational carried programs that makes them to be well mentally prepared in dealing with issues on ground.”

NEAT has been on the ground engaging communities by inculcating sustainable living in the adverse of climate change.

“We have been conducting awarenesses to communities on knowledge sharing regarding sustainable living and adapting to issues of climate change.”

Tendai Guvamombe