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New TV Series; The Closure DNA Show premieres

Sowell Chikwari (Staff Writer)

A NEW local reality television series, The Closure DNA Show which premieres on ZBCTV tomorrow is expected to highlight Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) issues giving an insight to the broader community on the topical issue.

The reality talkshow, being sponsored by Harare-based firm Global DNA Zimbabwe which made DNA testing services widely accessible locally, is the first of its kind in Zimbabwe.

The show enhances consciousness among the general populace on the importance of conducting DNA tests as a way of solving complex relationship problems.

Various DNA tests will be explored as the show tackles real life issues.

“Data analysis for DNA tests will be derived from various tests conducted on different issues tabled such as the Avancular test, Pre-Natal DNA test, Immigration DNA test, Healthy Weight DNA test, Relationship DNA test, Legal Paternity DNA test as well as the Peace of Mind paternity test,” said The Closure DNA talkshow host Mr Tinashe Mugabe who is also the Principal Consultant for Global DNA Zimbabwe.

The ground-breaking show comes against the backdrop of a shocking increase in negative paternity DNA test results in the country.

DNA testing by Global DNA Zimbabwe, has brought relief to many through enabling the solving of difficult stock theft and deceased estates issues among others.

The Legal DNA Test has enabled inheritance, child support and maintenance disputes to be settled amicably while the Forensic DNA tests help in identifying individuals after death.

Last year’s DNA testing statistics published by Global DNA Zimbabwe revealed a 63 percent negative result, a bit lower than the 2018 statistical evaluation which showed that 70 percent of men who took part in the Paternity DNA tests are keeping children that are not theirs, data analysis for tests conducted reveals.

The analysis reflected that 63 percent of the alleged fathers were not the biological parent of the tested child.

The test results also shows that 37 percent of the alleged fathers were not excluded as the biological father of the tested child and the probability of paternity was 99,99 percent.

“The Closure DNA Show will be very informative, particularly to the younger generation on how to handle paternity issues.Paternity DNA test results for 2018 and 2019 highlighted more negative results than positive indicating a high prevalence rate of infidelity hence the show is instructive on what one can do if he/she finds himself/herself in such a situation. Counsellors will also be roped in to advice members of the public on critical issues covered,” he added.

DNA samples are tested in order to find correspondence within the DNA of the participants. The samples are tested and a written DNA report clearly show variations or their absence. Hence, certain parallels between different reports can be established or by ruled out therefore also specifying a relationship between the test participants.

The Peace of Mind Paternity DNA Test in which samples used are mainly buccal swabs, nails, toothbrush and used ear buds is among the tests expected to be the major highlight in the reality talkshow series.
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