New Zec boss flips it on the opposition

By Staff Reporter

NEWLY appointed Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) chair, Justice Priscilla Chigumba (pictured) has challenged the opposition to present evidence the ZEC secretariat was manned by serving members of the security establishment allegedly deployed there to rig elections in Zanu PF’s favour.

She was talking to the State media on a range of issues since being appointed to the hot seat by President Emmerson Mnangagwa end of last month.

The opposition MDC-T has been up in arms ZEC was stashed with state security agents who job was to manipulate the electoral system in favour of the ruling party.

Party spokesperson Obert Gutu said few months ago that “previous experience has taught us that certain key figures within the ZEC secretariat do not report to the commissioners. They actually report directly to their masters at Munhumutapa and Chaminuka buildings (CIO headquarters).”

Asked if the ZEC secretariat had any member with security background, Chigumba was quick to challenge those making the allegations to prove the claims, insisting she had little knowledge about that.

“I have no evidence that there are any serving members of the security sector within ZEC’s rank and file,” said the High Court judge.

“Further there is no law which prohibits ZEC from recruiting persons who have worked elsewhere including the security sector and who have since left such employment.

“I urge anyone who has credible evidence that ZEC has serving members of the security sector on its payroll to come forward and present it to the commission.

“Similarly, if there is any credible evidence – other than fear or conjecture – that such serving members of the security sector are compromising or have compromised electoral outcomes in past elections or by-elections then ZEC would welcome anyone who presents this evidence now during this pre-election period so that the corrective measures can be taken well before we enter the election period.”

During his tenure, former President Robert Mugabe used to ridicule his challengers for being cry-babies who continue to find fault for their electoral losses to his party.

Gary Murambiwa
the authorGary Murambiwa