Ngonie Ritali takes pride in 227, the home of dozen artistes

Ngoni Ritala  AKA Ritz, a 32year old musician and producer is optimistic that he will make it in the entertainment scene . Born and bread in the high density suburbs of Highfield, the Afro-fusion artiste has two albums under his belt. 

“Ndiriparwendo” , his first debut album was released in 2020 and carries songs such as Ndichakufunga Wanda, “Ndakutadza”, “Ndikupe Rudo , Mumoyo Mangy”,  “Namwari wekudenga” among others. 

The solo, bregs of being a product of 227, a ghetto street found in Highfield’s New Cannan where a majority of bulky musicians came from. 

Artistes like Rocky, Discord from Mafrik, Bundu Boys, Levies Matamba, TK Holland and Dozen 12, Jorum Tawengwa, Clement Gunguwo and many more. 

Simbarashe Ritali’s  brother currently attached to a popular band  in Germany was also born and bread from the same street. 

Given the pull of musicians the street carries , Ngonie Ritz is confident that his entertainment career will be an  impetus journey. 

 “All the artistes that came from 227 have been successful and I am confident that I am also going to make it in the journey of music.”

Ngoni’s face is also popular for working with Jah Praiser as guitarist in his hit album titled ‘Ngwarira Kuparara”. 

Recently, Ngonidzashe Ritali produced Terry Africa’s promising song titled ‘Kupera Kwegore’. 

From the same 227 street, Ngonie Ritz is close to Kuda Masango and Blessing Moyo who are all attached to Jah Praiser’s Military Touch. The two young artistes had their talents natured by one Jorum Tawengwa who also resides in the same street. 

Blessing Moyo’s father used to play a lead guitar for John Chibadura. 

Ngonie Ritali, is also looking forward to establish a music arts hub in Highfield to be named after 227 Street. 



Tendai Guvamombe
the authorTendai Guvamombe