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Nkosana to scrape women ministry, put youth ministers

By Staff Reporter

PRESIDENTIAL aspirant Nkosana Moyo (pictured) has vowed to ditch the quota system approach to women’s issues in place of a 50-50 one he says will come with the scraping of the women’s affairs ministry if elected the country’s next leader.

Speaking to Harare youths at a discussion forum organised by Open ParlyZW this past week, the Alliance for the People’s Agenda (APA) front man said he was “gender blind”, as he also pledged to scrape deputy ministers in place of youths.

“Yes I am gender blind but in a positive way,” Moyo said while responding to a question on what his envisaged government had in store for Zimbabwean women.

“We have put out publicly that we are going to be 50-50 in terms of concept of administration.

“I don’t believe for instance in a woman specific ministry. I believe that everything that involves society has to be mainstreamed in all the other institutions, that’s where it belongs not as an attachment on the side.”

The former Industry and International Trade Minister also pledged to whittle down the size of cabinet from the current 70 plus ministers under President Robert Mugabe to a leaner one comprising 16.

“I will eliminate deputy ministers. They don’t act when ministers are away; another minister acts. So why do we need them there?” Moyo said.

“In their place, I would put you (youths) ladies and gentlemen, I would put junior ministers.

“I would do that for two main reasons; I would do that firstly as an apprenticeship for the youth to be present where decisions are being made and see how the system works and even more importantly, innovation anywhere in the world comes from your generation not from mine.

“When you look at innovation, energy in a system, it comes from young people.”

The current Zanu PF led government comprises older ministers in their 70s who have been in government since independence.


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