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We are not a junta govt, there was no coup, says VP Mohadi

By Staff Reporter

VICE PRESIDENT Kembo Mohadi has denied the military staged a coup which deposed the country’s long serving leader Robert Mugabe in November last year.

Mugabe was forced to surrender his job after the military placed him under house arrest November 14 and announced they had taken over the government.

The military said the so-called Operation Restore Legacy was merely targeted at “criminals” who took advantage of their close relations to the former leader to plunder State resources.

The shock incident paved way for locals to invade the streets to celebrate what was evidently the long awaited fall of an unpopular leader and for parliament to institute impeachment proceedings which were halted when Mugabe resigned.

But Mohadi told State media the military’s hands are clean in the events that led to Mugabe’s dramatic exit from power.

“Zimbabwe has never experienced any coup,” he said.

“You call us a junta government and I don’t know what you mean because if you are talking about Operation Restore Legacy, it was not the army that took over, there was an uprising by the people and everyone was saying Mugabe must go. Parliament, equally, said Mugabe must go and those are the people that removed him from power.

“It was not the army. If it were the army they would have arrested him. He is at his house with his family and everything is going on well.”

Mugabe and allies have adamantly described the November 14 events as a military coup.

Gary Murambiwa
the authorGary Murambiwa