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One million lawsuit awaits Tendai Biti after exposing Sharpe’s fraudulent deals


By Loice Takarindwa

West Properties has announced that the company is in a bid to sue Tendai Biti, a Harare based prominent lawyer for exposing the deeds of corruption carried out by Kenneth Raydon Sharpe.

This follows the recent presentation made by Biti where he mentioned Kenneth Raydon Sharpe as among serious land barons who have grabbed the vast amounts of land in Harare.

West Properties announced plans to sue Tendai Biti in a press notice published in the Daily News on Tuesday.

“We have noted, with concern, the false and malicious attacks on social media including Tweeter, and You Tube and other public platforms by Mr Tendai Biti against our Chief Executive Mr Sharpe’s persona and reputation.”
Amid all this West Properties announces that Biti will be sued for 1 Million for defamation damages.

“Without any breach to the sub-judice rule in matters already in court where in we are suing Mr Tendai Biti for 1 Million in defamation damages.”

Kenneth Raydon Sharpe is at large and a fugitive of justice, currently facing a number court cases in which, Pokugara Properties his other company is directly involved in the signing of fraudulent land deals with authorities in Harare.

According to court papers and a Billboard close to the disputed land, West Properties is currently selling residential stands in Borrowdale which is subject to litigation.

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