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Opposition leader manhandles Zanu PF co-panelist on TV

By Leopold Munhende

A Zimbabwean opposition leader turned riotous and snatched a scarf from the neck of his Zanu PF co-panelist during a live discussion on a South African television news channel.

Speaking on Afro WorldView (formerly ANN7), Ideal Zimbabwe presidential candidate, Tinashe Jonasi also declared the best way to get rid of Zanu PF was to wage an armed war against it.

Jonasi said Zanu PF, which has been in power since 1980, was being led by “aged, murderous and corrupt” individuals who should be dislodged through war if Zimbabweans fail to remove them in this year’s harmonised elections.

“They are now old and we need to fight them.

“Zimbabwe needs a war to remove these people because they are destroying our future by their continuous corrupt tendencies.

“We want to remove them peacefully but if we fail, then we have to engage in a war because we cannot tolerate them anymore,” Jonasi said.

But as the heat intensified during debate, Jonasi got too offended by his Zanu PF co-panelist Kennedy Mandaza whom he charged at and snatched the famous, multi-coloured scarf from his neck in full view by millions.

Mandaza is Zanu PF spokesperson for the party’s South African branch.

The scarf he was wearing bore Zimbabwean colours and was popularised by President Emmerson Mnangagwa who has donned it during his many public appearances.

The rowdy behaviour by the opposition leader elicited scorn from among locals with many taking to popular social media platforms to rebuke him.

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