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Passenger group issues warning on easter robberies, accidents

By Staff Reporter

THE Passenger Association of Zimbabwe (Paz) has urged travellers during this Easter Holiday to avoid boarding private transport if possible, amid continued reports of hitchhikers being robbed by motorists.

“Firstly, we call upon those that are going to be commuting to ensure that they board registered public service vehicles (PSV), so that they may not end up being robbed by criminals who take advantage of gullible hitch hikers,” said Paz President Tafadzwa Goliati in a statement.

The passenger based group issued the warning Thursday as locals embark on longer journeys to visit relatives and holiday resorts in parts of the country.

While the Easter holiday is often a welcome break from the daily hassles of looking for money withjin the country’s working populace, the cost has also been high as dozens die in every year as a result of road accidents.

Against such a background, Goliati said, commuters should ensure they travel on passenger service vehicles they were confident are properly registered and insured in the unfortunate event of accidents.

“The commuters must also ensure that the PSVS that they are boarding have passenger liability cover. Commuters keep your valuables such as phones and cash safe. Have correct fare ready as you may be spotted by thieves whilst taking out cash from a wallet that has large amounts of cash,” he said.

He added: “Easter holidays are a time for happiness and fun, but don’t drink and drive. If you are travelling as a group then have a licensed driver who does not drink alcohol.

“Drivers of passenger service vehicles, please, desist from drinking alcohol or abusing broncleer and drugs.”

Police have deployed operatives to man the country’s major highways in attempts to curb the high incidence of road accidents often experienced during the lengthy holiday.

Gary Murambiwa
the authorGary Murambiwa