PAZ demands action on traffic accidents from Zimbabwean Government

By Staff Reporter

Passengers Association of Zimbabwe (PAZ) has once again urged the government to urgently address road traffic accidents.

In a Press Release issued by Tafadzwa Goliat Executive President of Passangers Association of Zimbabwe this Wednesday, the government should enforce the use of speed limiters to reduce negligence and speeding.

“It is high time that government makes it mandatory for all passengers service vehicles, lorries and haulage trucks to have speed limiter. This will prevent avoidable accidents that are due to overspeeding and negligence such as the bus accident that recently happened near Odzi River.”

In this regard drivers should be subjected to tight monitoring with heavy penalties when ever they commit traffic offenses.

“Drivers of public service vehicles must be allocated points which are deductable upon committing a traffic offence and once the driver has used up the points he should be suspended from driving the Passengers Service Vehicle (PSV).”

PAZ is also concerned about the safety of passengers from being driven by drunk and physically ill drivers on the road.

Tendai Guvamombe