PAZ on law enforcers and human rights issues

Passengers Association of Zimbabwe (PAZ) has appealed to law enforcers to consider human rights issues when observing social distancing on passengers.

In a Press Release on Tuesday, Tafadzwa Goliat PAZ President said his organization is perturbed by the scenes recorded in the small town of Kwekwe where ZRP Support Unit brutalized commuters.

“Passengers Association Of Zimbabwe appeals to ZRP to stop using extreme force to enforce social distancing.”

“On wednesday 13 May, at 1630 hours, in Kadoma, whilst assessing the effectiveness of ZUPCO transport, we witnessed ZRP support unit in black overalls beating up commuters who were not observing social distancing at bus stops, with baton sticks. Some were armed,” he said.

According to PAZ the extent of police brutality in Kwekwe is a worrying some as noted by a marked difference with the prevailing situation in in the Capital. Calls for the law enforcers to uphold professional conduct.

“This is a far cry from what we saw in Harare’s CBD where police, in the presence of their military counterparts, carried out awareness campaigns on the need for commuters to apply social distancing during these Covid 19, trying times.No doubt if anyone breaks the law, they must be arrested, fined or arraigned before the courts.”

The PAZ President also reiterated that violation of human rights is totally unacceptable, urges the police protect its integrity on pertaining issues.

“The blatant abuse of human rights and use of extreme force against innocent people coming from work is unacceptable. Is the police implying that this is the only language that we can understand? Respect is mutual and ZRP can easily lose the respect of the ordinary man in the street if they continue on this trajectory.”

Meanwhile Passengers Association of Zimbabwe (PAZ) has engaged the police headquarters on the issue.

“PAZ has engaged the ZRP head office on this matter.”

Tendai Guvamombe