Pengaudzoke still alive

By Entertainment Reporter

Faheem Somanje, son of the late Sungura legend Daiton Somanje is determined to take Pengaudzoke to greater heights.

The young artiste has already entered music entertainment with a bang.

His songs such as ‘Ndege yerombe’, ‘Mhosva isingapere’ and the video titled Nyaya yerudo made Pengaudzoke rhythm to stay alive.

While some youthful artists fails to make it due to financial constraints, Faheem has received wonderful support from sponsors who has remained attached to Pengaudzoke.

Dickson Chindove, Ward 13 Councilor in Beatreace under Manyame Rural District Council (RDC) pledged to support the young Somanje.

Speaking Spotlight Online News Africa, Concillor Chindove said that he is keen to see Pengaudzoke staying alive despite the death of its legendary founder.

“I was a close friend of Daiton and I want to see Pengaudzoke staying alive. In my own capacity i have pledged to continue supporting the Faheem because I see his Father’s talent in him,” he said.

Chindove says the revival of Pengaudzoke will be crucial to the Beatrice Community where Daiton Somanje grew up.

“Daiton is known from Beatrice where he grew up and I would like to see the whole community cherishing the return of the hey days when Pengaudzoke was a local entertainment Sungura Brand,” he added.

Chindove also believes that Faheem together with the likes of Simon Mtambi’s music carriers will make a different in transforming Beatrice Community through entertainment.

“As you know that Betreace is the strongholds of Pengaudzoke and it is my hope to see Faheem’s carrier together with the likes of Simon Mutambi transforming the people’s lives in Betreace through entertainment.”

Speaking to Spotlight Online News Africa, Faheem said he enters the music carrier with the intention to remain in the game. Expressed gratitude at the wonderful assistance he received from Beatrice based Councilor.

“I am here to stay and with the help from the likes of Councilor Chindove Pengaudzoke will make it in the music industry.”

Tendai Guvamombe