People could survive COVID-19 outside their Knolwedge, ZHDA President

(Health Reporter)

The Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association President, Tawanda Zvakada has said there is a possibility of many people healing from COVID-19 without even noticing it.

Zvakada said this during a ZBC tv Programme check on COVID-19 with Justin Mahlahla last Saturday. Says the current situation many people are panicking out of misconceptions with other forms of ailments.

“We have noticed that a number of people are panicking COVID-19 as some confuse the pandemic with other ailments yet in actual fact we might have a considerable number of people healing from the disease without even noticing they have it,” he said.

Zvakada went on to say that if the country had better machines and equipment would have the capacity to test everyone and where many people could be found positive COVID-19.

“It is unfortunate that in our country we do not have proper equipments and relevant machines like in United Kingdom and the developed countries, if we had these many people would test positive of COVID-19.”

Zvakada also urged national citizens not to panic the pandemic and called upon everyone to be united in the fight against a common cause.

“Let’s not panic, it is now time to be united, we need to set aside our differences and take lessons from other countries and find a way to survive. Take hid call to our government to avoid unnecessary gatherings and interactions.”

Tendai Guvamombe