‘Perekedza Anokuda’ to go Viral

Entertainment Reporter

Mazarura, Zimbabwe’s own Afro-Fusion Artiste had his music carrier erupted when he went to Asia for a presentation related to his PHD studies.

It happened by coincidence that he performed at a music gig that had flopped after some local artistes failed to make it on stage.

His mbira rhythm ignited Zimbabwe’s traditional music taste abroad and as of now the artiste has gained enough support base at global level.

After the release of a debut album titled ‘Pamusoroi’ he decided to through a magnificent video, ‘Perekedza Anokuda’ a must watch video.

The video has got all what it takes to make it in all the corridors of music.

“I have started a journey and i am still on a journey to make Zimbabwe’s music shine abroad,” says the soft spoken Mazarura.

The video features Mazarura and his energetic dancers in a combination of modern and traditional setting.

‘Perekedza Anokuda’ YouTube link. https://youtu.be/oFCfQZMvcVI

Tendai Guvamombe