Peter Maguduru rocks gospel music entertainment

Entertainment Reporter

Biblical Peter was a preacher but Peter Maguduru chose to become Lord Jesus’ disciple responsible for rocking gospel music.

Non profit making oriented, eloquent in biblical matters, and God fearing are three some phrases to describe the gospel chanter.

Gospel fans will identify Peter with a popular trade name called #The Rock.

His magnificent album titled ‘Ndimi Moga’ is a testimony of a true artiste with much enthusiasm and zeal in lifting the faith of many believers.

Dropped in the midst of the an outrageous global pandemic, ‘Ndimi Moga’ carries eight (8) tracks under the belt.

It features great songs like Munondigadzirira Tafura, Makatendeka Ishe, Heal our land Zimbabwe, Ndinyengeterereiwo, Pandofamba fambai neni, You are worth of Praises, Ndimi Moga Ishe and Jesus the Prince of Peace.

Heal our Land Zimbabwe will be popular to many as it gives hope for a better country with God’s assistance.

Few weeks after the hilarious launch, the well labeled disk has been circulating. It’s available in the shelves of local supermarkets and music shops.

Gospel music genre will forever stay alive.

Tendai Guvamombe