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Poor water sanitation rocks Bindura

Young Women in Bindura under the banner of Institute for Young Women’s Development (IYWD) last week bemoaned poor water sanitation in their area.

Speaking at a devolution meeting organized IYWD the young women lamented that short of clean water and raw sewage flowing in the streets.

“As young women we are having problems in maintaining hygiene due to poor water sanitation by our local council, in most cases we lack tap water and at times it comes out dirty,” lamented Vimbai Mukawu.

“On devolution funds council are you also prioritizing clean water.”

In response council official Fabiola Gozho said the money needed for purification of water is charged in foreign currency while the local authorities charges in local currency.

“We do prioritize water on devolution funds but the money needed for purification of water is just too much and on the charges that we charge you as well it is too little to purchase the chemicals as it demands foreign currency,” Gozho said.

Another woman Sharon Taripiwa bemoaned raw sewage that is flowing due to dilapidated sewage pipes.

“Council you are not taking the issue of hygiene seriously we have raw sewage flowing in most of suburb’s streets,” she said.

“The pipes are so dilapidated but you continue charging service charges how are you using the money you charge.”

Gozho bemoaned lack of payment of service charges by residents during the country’s lockdown.

“I want to be very Frank with you, most residents during this lockdown are not paying their service charge and how do u expect the council to run.”

She also said devolution funds have stopped coming as the government is busy fighting the deadly Covid-19 pandemic

Tendai Guvamombe