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Presidential hopefuls should pass medical test: Mangoma

By Staff Reporter

COALITION of Democrats (Code) presidential candidate for 2018, Elton Mangoma (pictured) says those wishing to become State presidents should be subjected to medical examinations so that the country does not vote sick leaders into power.

The RDZ leader, was speaking to the Zimbabwe Star where he also slammed President Emmerson Mnangagwa for his spirited efforts to preserve former President Robert Mugabe’s legacy when the latter had in fact shown less concern about the same.

“One of the belief systems that I have got is that it’s important for presidential candidates to go for public medical examinations so that people can see what physical state they are and what mental state they are to rely on it,” Mangoma said.

“Let’s have people who are fit to run for presidency…so that we do not put in lunatics in charge.”

Mangoma did not mention any name of a particular leader.

But while an ailing Mugabe has been elbowed out of the 2018 presidential race, spotlight falls straight on MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai who battles colon cancer.

Tsvangirai, the MDC Alliance presidential candidate, has broken off his campaign schedule to concentrate on his recovery which has recently taken him to South African hospitals.

However, his coalition allies have affirmed his support saying they have chosen him as their leader fully conscious of his condition.

Mangoma, in his comments, also scorned Mnangagwa for declaring Mugabe’s birthday a national holiday.

Mugabe was forced to surrender his job by the military which insisted his continued stay in power was nolonger in the best interests of a crisis weary nation.

Mugabe’s poor leadership and humiliating exit has cast him as a villain but Mnangagwa has tried to repackage and present him as a hero.

“I am very disappointed particularly that he has deified Mugabe by declaring his birthday as a holiday when in fact people were all out to say they are tired of Mugabe,” Mangoma said.

Mangoma said he was best candidate for presidency as he represents a break from politics of dishonesty to a more accountable leadership premised on servant leadership.

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