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Prophet CK Tonnie Advice To Magaya


South African based preacher, Prophet Ck Tonnie real name Brighton Chikomo has kept on insisting that PHD leader Walter Magaya should opt for an indefinite break or else he expects something worsey along the way.

In an interview this Saturday in Cape Town, Brighton Chikomo said Walter Magaya should show remorse by at least abstaining from his prophetic ministry alleging that the pressing allegations he is currently facing are unhealthy for someone who runs a church organization.

“ I have always said that Magaya should repent and come back to the real works of the heavenly father, if he resis taking a break from his ministry then he he will automatically head towards an ultimate downfall, whether true or false that he really committed those allegations he must with immediate offer himself a break stanz and eat a humble pie.”

Prophet Brighton Chikomo sentiments comes amid debate relating to the Magaya rape allegations which stirred controversy in the public space.

The purported victims with one former Studio 263 actress coming out publicly retracting her earlier statements and this was subsequently followed by explicit nude pictures that went viral showing Magaya poised in a pornish stanz of with a lady whom the public failed to recognize.

Against this background, Prophet Chikomo is of the view that the public is yet to get another whole bag of surprise in the event of Magaya dismally failing to reconcile with himself.

“ I fore see the public having another surprise from the man , something that could come as a shock to the public if he is willing to go on like that and am sure that I shall visit the man face to face and offer him a Godly advise.”

Meanwhile the first lady was in the previous week quoted denouncing all forms of rape aganst girl child and women callin for serious investigations to expose the perpetrators.

Tendai Guvamombe