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Prosecutor insists on breaking Covid -19 guidelines during court proceedings


By Loice Takarindwa

A state prosecutor, Michael Reza has insisted that Tendai Biti should be brought in court despite indicating that he had a close contact with someone who had been diagnosed with Covid-19.

Biti, a prominent lawyer was due to attend a court, in which he is taking head on with a Kenneth Raydon Sharpe’s aid Tatiana Aleshina.

During the court proceedings, Reza insisted that Biti should be served with a warrant of arrest despite the formal indications that he was on self-quarantine


Reza insisted for the court to break COVID-19 guidelines. He told Magistate Vongai Guwuriro that Biti was supposed to be served with with a warrant of arrest.

“Covid-19 positive or not, we do not know any of that at all…. In fact section 194(2) of the Criminal Procedures and Evidence Act says if the accused person absents himself during the trial without leave of the courts, I did not hear this courts excusing the accused not to be here. All we have is a letter from law firm which is saying certain things.”

“Your warship, that letter from a law firm cannot be a substitute for COVID-19 results, this is a lawyer who just saying he has been in contact with somebody who turned out to be COVID-19 Positive. What we do not know is for a fact is whether the person mentioned to be COVID-19 Positive is indeed positive. This person was warned to appear before this courts at 09:00hrs, leave has not been granted to absent himself therefore a warrant of arrest must be issued.” Reza tells the Magistrate.

Meanwhile a prominent lawyer, Aleck Muchadehama has questioned Reza on why he insist on a matter where COVID-19 has been mentioned.

“We seek an extra notion on Reza on why he is being so much interested in this matter and allow my client to observe COVID-19 regulations,” he said.

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