Reflections on Minister Makie’s Music Carrier

Reflections on the musical career of one Minister Makie, a gospel singer and jersey artist shows that being an entertainer takes a whole lot of commitment and myriad dedication.

Born Makesure Taurai Kamuchacha on 23 December 1984 in the communal areas of Murehwa’s Uzumba-Maramba-Pfungwe first had his interest in music during his primary school level of education when he would be sidelined from.partaking in the school choir.

Nevertheless, Minister’s dream did not end in vain as his enigmatic interest in singing was further ignited by a certain sweet melodies bird he met in the forest while herding village cattle.

According to Minister the wild bird had a unique swirl which aroused his conscience later to transform musical fortunes from just a dream into realities.

“One of the things that kept me going was a mysterious event that happened at the age of five where I saw a bird that he had never seen in the firest, whose swrl produced a unique melody . The sweet melody stuck within myself and has remained a source of inspiration to all the songs that I have composed over the years.”

Minister released his first album in 2006 entitled ´Hupenyu hauna zvaunoreva(Life is meaningless) recorded produced with TMC studios, followed by ´Kumavambo kwezivo(The beginning of knowledge)’ in 2011 which had a better promising for the upcoming artist.

Musical fans had a better appreciation of Minister’s work when he surprised them with the recent album entitled ´Mukuyaruka(As I was growing up)’ which touches mainly on his background in Uzumba community.

Minister Makie’s Christian background has directly inspired his style of gospel music as he puts it, “being a christian is pivoted on one’s way of life before you speak about worship.”

Tendai Guvamombe