Rule of law haunts Islamic Leader’s son


Staff Reporter

Sheikh Ishmail Duwa, Head of Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs in Zimbabwe’s son, Austin Muli Duwa is likely to rote in prison following serious allegations leveled against him on charges linked to theft and swindling assets and properties of many people.

Duwa who is supposed to appear in court this month under the RRB 448 4354, has approached Melody Mazonde one of the complainant in a bid to ask for forgiveness as a way to evade from the legal matter.

He stole her two vehicles Mazda Bongo and a Quantum sometime last year.

A screenshot seen by Spotlight Online News Africa reveals a WhatsApp text send by Austin Muli purporting to ask for forgiveness. Austin Duwa Muli whatsapp message to the complainant

“Just know that one day I intend to resolve our issue happily as a family because its not about who wins but doing the right thing in the eyes of the lord my apologies to you,” reads the text.

The screen shot also reveals Austin Duwa’s number being blocked. Melody Mazonde declined to comment on the issue as she wait for the court judgment.

Duwa’s was headlined ‘Serial conman on the loose’ in the Sunday Mail six months ago.

Tendai Guvamombe
the authorTendai Guvamombe